Sczarni is an almost guild like method of criminal organization where the various criminal activities in a city are divided up to individual criminal gangs. One might deal with pick pocketing, another with drugs, a third with burglary, and so forth. By sharing the city but narrowing their focus, the intention is to prevent turf wars and other conflicts, and keep outside forces from breaking into the market. The organization also tends to minimize violent crime, as more extreme criminal activities are outright prohibited, as they bring harm to each of the gangs. Slavers, murderers, and rapists tend to find themselves policed by the Sczarni – making them something of folk heroes to many.

Outsiders are required to join with a particular gang, and those operating outside of the protection of a gang tend to find themselves caught between the watch and the underworld very quickly. 

The order has existed in Magnimar for centuries, with few problems. Among the current gangs are:

  • The Tower Girls – Burglary
  • The Gatelords – Street Theft
  • The Blue Bloods – Fraud
  • The Topsiders – Drugs


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